Saturday, May 21, 2011

Staying Positive

So I guess I should start posting more frequently. Once a week to start would be fantastic, so I should really get on that!

Anyway, I'm still trying to stay positive.  I re-started WWers again, I've gained 0.6 since annoying. But I am committed to continuing it, tracking everything, working out, and trying to get where I want to be.

The definition of insanity is to continue to do things the way you always have and expect it to change. I need to stop doing this. If I gain one week, I can't decide things are working and not change something.  This week is tricky...I've been in Atlantic City with my mom, aunt and family friend and obviously that means awesome food and wine...and more wine....and did I mention the wine?!

So far, I've done well.  1 drink Thursday night, 2 on Friday, and 2 tonight. I went for an hour and 20 minute long walk today and earned my APs. I have been eating well, and splurging only at one meal per day.  That's called making it a lifestyle. I'm not willing to give up my girls weekends, but I am willing to tone them down a bit.

What can I do for the rest of the week to ensure I have a good weigh in on Thursday.

1) Go grocery shopping - I need to have my breakfasts for work and veggies. Living on the go with no plan is not good for my WLJ
2) Track calories & P+ to make sure I am eating enough - believe it or not I have trouble with this. So I need to double track for the rest of the week to figure out if I am eating the right number of calories, and what that means in terms of P+.  Do I have to eat WPs every single day, APs, a little of both? I need to find out.
3) GET MY BUM TO THE GYM! Last week wasn't the best as far as gyming it up is concerned. This week WILL be better.  We all have bad weeks, the key is to get right back on the work out wagon.

This week will be a better week :)

I can't wait for summer too.  I have a share for a local CSA...I will start picking up veggies every Monday starting this week or next.  I will be forced to make creative dishes and I can't wait to start sharing the recipes I use.  Hopefully it will help me get out of my food rut! I miss how it feels to enjoy cooking.  Part of this is my tiny little kitchen (no really...I have a total of 1 cabinet worth of usable counter space). I love cooking and baking new things, and not having the space has put a damper on it.  But as my mother says, I need to put my big girl panties on and deal with it.

Here's to continuing a good week!

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